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Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

Ha ha ha! Thanks for including Craft Fail and pointing us toward those other great sites!!


so i don't have a picture -- but a craft related secret i've been keeping for a long time is that my grandma taught me to crochet when i was twelve so i'd blow balloons up and crochet around them to make... hacky sacks. hmm, maybe that's not wild or major bigtime fail in itself -- but i actually took them to school to show my guy friends thinking they'd be totally stoked. instead i was met with, "fag!" and a fist to the jugular. i never crocheted again.


Uh - the people behind What Not to Crochet having nothing to do with What Not To Craft.

We laugh at/with them for sure...

But we ain't them!


Ah thanks! For the info! I was misinformed, but its updated now. Thanks!


I think you might like my site, too ;)


it gets updated daily, unlike some of the blogs you mentioned that seem to have stopped updating years ago, sadly.


Herve Leger Clothing

there is too much alcohol in this drink? i didn't even know that there was alcohol in it...but that totally makes sense for causing me much hangover relief. but where will i get my glorious magical elixir now?!?

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