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I must say how excited i am you two are posting again!

miss you kate the great! <3 Emma

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beautiful shot. was it taken with your new camera?

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It took us ages to get dressed - we got changed about 3 times before finally settling on a bit of sparkle...

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there is too much alcohol in this drink? i didn't even know that there was alcohol in it...but that totally makes sense for causing me much hangover relief. but where will i get my glorious magical elixir now?!?


1. could you do with a dehumidifier for the damp in your house? besocue i could.2. what is your and ED's song?3. what animal do you most identify with?4. do you have any 'hobbies', (apart from being all brilliant and proactive with egg and blogging, obv.)?5. who is your favourite celebrity?6. tell me two things that happened on your best ever holiday.7. what is your usual chinese/ indian order?8. can you sing? do you sing in front of/ with egg and ED?9. what is the last thing that made you wet yourself laughing?10. are you good with houseplants?


1.Regular coffee or those sweet milky farlouved things?2.Starbux, seriously?3.Beer, wine or other spirits?4.Do you work? If so, doing what?5.What does ED do?6.What kind of car do you drive?7.Will you have more kids?ok, that's my list!Brenda

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