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thanks Seana-- keep em coming!

I am pretty nervous about the lack of closet space in Miro's apartment... we saw those hangers on TV and I literally screamed. so awesome.

we're working on the apartment this weekend so I'll let you know if I have any space-saving epiphanies.


Bwahaha! I are inspirational.

Like I was telling you on your FB, I'm most excited for the outdoor space. It's a wee little porch, but I'm going to make it into my own little wonder garden! I better learn how to garden. You grow herbs (the kind that don't cause munchies, of course)...you must teach me your ways, miss Seana.

And the closet space thing, yes. We're both going through all of our clothes and throwing out stuff we haven't worn in over a year (except formal wear, of course), but I just keep trying to rationalize keeping everything. He walked into my apartment yesterday to measure my furniture and as soon as he walked in the door, he looked at the pile of shoes and asked "How many of those are yours?" I think this means I need to cut down my shoe collection, too.


How can I do a partition[ removable] but one that I can make secure from an occupant that comes in the front door to the basement??Just wondering.

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the 2nd room looks so clean and ordered, though there is kinda crowded in there..maybe some mirrors could help to give a bit the impression of an "airy" space..i think i like more the 1st room, cause it looks as messy as mine :D

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It took us ages to get dressed - we got changed about 3 times before finally settling on a bit of sparkle...

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there is too much alcohol in this drink? i didn't even know that there was alcohol in it...but that totally makes sense for causing me much hangover relief. but where will i get my glorious magical elixir now?!?

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