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Ghoul Friday

The idea of the stuffed croissant rolls is pure genius. I will be trying this for Friday. If I come across any interesting ideas, I'll share them. If not, have a blast watching the show!


Look what I just found!

BSG Mandala Nachos!!

Since Im pretty sure we'll have dips like hummus and salsa Im totally making a platter of chips in the mandala patter using yellow, red and blue corn tortilla chips.

Im so excited I could burst!


I found your page while searching for recipe ideas for a finale BSG party. Love your stuff!!!
So far we have come up with

Asparagus wrapped in phylo - arrow of apollo

scooped out, twice baked potato skins with fillings - the hybrids tub

red velvet cupcakes with icing with a hole in the middle - centurions

and this scarey looking thing: http://www.bbqaddicts.com/blog/recipes/bacon-explosion/
literally a skin job :)

Any BSG party plans on your end?


omg that is amazing PJ! i love the twice baked potato skins! nice!

we are going to get together soon for the seasonal finale. promise to post pics menu! :)

Ghoul Friday

Thank goodness someone posted (which sent me a notification) or else I'd never have found this blog again.

Wanted to let you know I used your crescent roll idea. I also made Cylon brownies, a BSG Meat Pie and nacho dog tags.



Pics are up from our finale gathering, check em out!



I had the same feelings italiinly I saw the pilot and hated it. For a long time I ignored it but at some point during season 2 I gave in to the peer pressure and decided to check out what where they all cooing about. And I got hooked. Once you get past the differences, and the liberties they took with the BSG setting you will see it is actually a really good show. It is not really a remake of the old series. It's a completely different show with it's own mythology and own theme that is very distinct from the original.The writing is excellent most of the time. The acting is top notch, and the creators are not afraid to tackle controversial topics. a0|a0

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